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An RP blog for the best superheroine--no,

villainess!--No! Superheroine in Miracle City, Manuela Rivera, also known as--!!


((Naw but seriously this is a genderbent El Tigre roleplay blog. Will track the tag theawesomestrivera.))

If you want the canon male Tigre though, just come on up and ask me! Also look for the tag m!Manny.

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Manny flinched, and turned around to glance at those people behind her. She quickly dropkicked the spraypaint can she had been holding into the safety of one of the nearby bushes. 

"Hiii there." the Rivera said as innocently as she could. "Who’re you guys? I never saw you here before."

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    "Oh." she replied. "Okaaay then." A bit of curiosity poked at her then. “Sooo…didja get them then? Otherwise, I’m gonna...
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    *He shrugged* Nope. Just decided to come where the new coordinates were.
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